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My New Commercial is Ready!

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Loving my new commercial.  Its my first professionally edited video and I think it rocks.  Let me know what you think!

I made it through the first year!!!!

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I am happy to announce that I made it though my first year of real estate. I plan on celebrating by reinvesting into my business. It’s been full of experiences, both great and not so great.

I’ve learned so much in my first year and have met so many people in my life that makes this transition worth it.

First of all, I am one of the 30% that made it through. I’ve sold more than the first year average (I sold 9 homes this year and leased and additional 2, average new agent sells 3). I attest a lot of that to my stubbornness, my training, and my support system.

I’ve met some of the most awesome people: my clients. I’ve helped retirees, empty nesters, move ups, relocations, first time homebuyers, single moms, estates, and newlyweds, each with their own stories. I loved learning more about their lives and goals. I enjoyed helping them every step of the way, through their frustrations, stress and doubts. In each way they have made me a better person, teaching me valuable skills along the way.

I was fortunate to have the very best training at Keller Williams. Each morning I showed up for class, took notes, applied what I learned and got organized. Looking back, the Success Academy gave me a great foundation to build my business on. I was able to collaborate with other new agents and formulate a best practice approach to getting my name out there. It also helped me build my confidence and provided me with useful tools.

I also wouldn’t be here without the support of my family, friends, and team leader. My husband was and continues to be my rock. My boys are always on the lookout for a home for sale and don’t complain if I put them to work to mail postcards. My parents have been there every step of the way, covering for me when I needed to run out for a buyer. The rest of my family have supported me without calling me out that I was crazy for quitting a well paying job with two growing boys and taking a huge risk. I’ve met some great friends along the way whom I can share my successes and frustrations, and have bonded with. My team leader has been there for me throughout it all. Provided me with Kleenex and advice when needed, and above all kicked my fears out of my head.

I have aggressive goals for my next year and have every intent to blow them out of the water. I’ve enjoyed every step of the way and look forward to the next one, two, five years and beyond in this crazy business.

Cheers to all those who are thinking of a career in real estate. For all of the others, “How can I help you or someone you know buy, sell or invest in Real Estate?”


Country Living at its Finest!

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Back 04

Front 2

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Immaculate home located in Wake Forest. Home is nestled behind the trees for privacy. Oversized detached 2 car garage. Large deck, covered front porch and fenced bk yd. HUGE MASTER!!! Wood burning frpl, two large living areas, kitchen loaded w/cabinets, large pantry, ceilings fans, solar light in bath, plush master bath. Paved long drive w/ parking pads. Don’t miss this!!
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Caren Fried
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Beautiful Home in Moss Creek

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Motivated sellers! Well maintained home with tons of upgrades.  Hardwoods throughout 1st floor, bay window in both dining and breakfast rooms, 9′ ceilings, transoms, butler’s pantry, new granite C’Tops, tile backsplash, coffered ceiling in dining room, rocking chair front porch, great deck overlooking private backyrd, extra work area in garage, huge crawlspace for storage.

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Caren Fried
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Does my home need be show ready before listing?

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I get this question – a lot.  Sellers are anxious to get their homes on the market and get it sold.  They want to move on with their lives.

The answer is quite simply, “Yes”.  Patience Pays! Why?  Here are seven reasons:

1) My photographer will be there.  He will take photos to highlight your homes features.  These photos will be syndicated on 1000’s of websites.  It will be the first opportunity more than 90% of homebuyers see your home. Your home needs to be in the best shape possible for these photos.

2) Getting your home “show ready” is more than minor touch ups of paint.  It includes decluttering, repairing trim, staging, maintenance (especially sewer if you have one), landscaping, replacing old carpet, etc.  If buyers walk in and see things that are not in proper order, they will over estimate the amount required to fix them and undervalue your home.

3) Even with the low inventory, buyers are still looking for a deal.  They are willing to wait for the right house or the right community. Many have just enough for the down payment and don’t have extra money to throw in for that new carpet or to paint the house.

4) Put yourself into the buyer’s perspective.  If you were shown two homes; one in great condition and one that needed a couple thousand dollars worth of work, which would you choose?

5) Homes that are show ready sell faster and for higher amounts than those that aren’t.  Even if you agree to fix items during due diligence and while the home is listed.  On average homes that need work are on the market for 3 times longer than those ready to go.

6) Realtors will stop showing your home if it is not in great condition.  We Realtors are gossipy types.  We love to talk about what’s on the market. If your home isn’t in the best shape, the whole town will know pretty quickly.

7) I address these concerns with my sellers before the home is listed.  I suggest that they get their homes “Certified Pre-Owned”.  That way they are in the best shape possible to get the best amount possible for their home.

Don’t know what Certified Pre-Owned is?  Give me a call and find out. 919-964-0732, or


5 Tips Every Real Estate Investor Should Know

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Ever thought about buying property to renovate and flip or hold and rent?  Don’t know where to start?  Starting as a real estate investor can be a daunting task and is completely different than investing in the stock market.  Here are 10 tips to start your path as a real estate investor.

1)    Know your budget – The price of the investment property is only the beginning of the expense.  If financing, talk to a broker that is knowledgeable in investment property.  They can give you guidance in costs to obtain the loan and monthly mortgage expenses.  Make sure you have an inspection done to know what repairs need to be made and any other hidden gems (mold, insect infestation, structural damages).  Do research on tax impacts of real estate investing on both a local, state and federal level.

Determine what carrying costs will be for vacancies (utilities, home owner associations, insurance, maintenance, marketing, management fees, and mortgage costs).  Make sure to factor that into the budget.

Do your research to determine what the property would rent for.  What return are you looking for?  Make sure opportunity costs are factored into that return and get your rental rates priced right to minimize the vacancy costs.  Is the neighborhood appreciating or depreciating?

2)    Talk to other investors – Get feedback on your questions from other investors.  Many cities have investor networks that are looking to collaborate or mastermind with. Look on Facebook, Meetup or other sites to find a meeting.  If you have questions, they can be a good place to find guidance.

3)    Know the history – If buying property where a tenant is in place.  Find out more about it.  Payment history, repair requests, damages, background, lease terms.  This can affect the terms of the contract and factors into your budget and goals.

4)    Know your exit strategy – How long do you want to own and rent this property?  What are your 1, 2, 5, and 10 year horizons?  Is this a stepping stone to buying other properties?  Is this going to help with your retirement plans?  What are you going to do when you no longer want to invest?

5)    Build your team – Surround yourself with professionals that can help you throughout your journey.  Consult a Realtor, financial planner, tax specialist, mortgage broker, property manager, building inspector and attorney, among others.  Make sure they are knowledgeable with investment property.

For more information about real estate investing, click here.


“I can sell my house myself, I don’t need a REALTOR”

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I’ve heard that several times over the last few months. I follow up to see if any For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) need help, if they will pay a buyer’s agent or if they know what disclosures they are supposed to use during a transaction.

By third or fourth call, they are exasperated; investors are calling to lowball an offer, buyers make appointments and don’t show up, or worse they put an offer in knowing they can’t qualify.

According to the National Association or REALTORS, 86% of FSBOs end up listing with a REALTOR. Why? Various reasons; time, money, and expertise in their field are the most common.

I get that sellers are trying to save money. Everyone wants to save money. But, there are some things you should invest money in. Using a REALTOR gives you the security that your house is priced right, staged to sell, the buyers are qualified, the investors are reasonable, and increases the likelihood of a sale. We do this without compensation. We are only compensated if your home sells. We are fronting money for pictures, measurements, marketing, and all of our time working to get your home sold.

We want your home sold as much as you do. We track statistics such as days on market, list to sales price, number of expireds, etc. We want a positive outcome and happy clients. Happy clients tell their friends and family about us and we get more happy clients.

So why hire a REALTOR? Because we do more than sell homes. We help you meet your goals, we are dedicated to a positive outcome and, above all, we are professionals who do this every day. We know what it takes to sell homes and we can sell yours, too!

Wake County Schools Announces School Caps

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On March 4th, Wake County Public Schools announced that many schools are capped for the 2014-2015 school year.  What does that mean?  You are not guaranteed a seat on the school you are zoned for if it is capped.  There are of course certain criteria that you can use to make sure that your child gets into his/her base school.  Below is a list of schools that are capped:

    • Elementary Schools: Alston Ridge, Brooks, Cedar Fork, Combs, Green, Hodge Road, Holly Grove, Holly Ridge, Holly Springs, Hunter, Jones Dairy, Lacy, Leesville Road, Forest Pines, Mills Park, North Ridge, Walnut Creek

    • Middle School: Mills Park Middle

    • High Schools: Apex High, Holly Springs High

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