Month: March 2014

“I can sell my house myself, I don’t need a REALTOR”

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I’ve heard that several times over the last few months. I follow up to see if any For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) need help, if they will pay a buyer’s agent or if they know what disclosures they are supposed to use during a transaction.

By third or fourth call, they are exasperated; investors are calling to lowball an offer, buyers make appointments and don’t show up, or worse they put an offer in knowing they can’t qualify.

According to the National Association or REALTORS, 86% of FSBOs end up listing with a REALTOR. Why? Various reasons; time, money, and expertise in their field are the most common.

I get that sellers are trying to save money. Everyone wants to save money. But, there are some things you should invest money in. Using a REALTOR gives you the security that your house is priced right, staged to sell, the buyers are qualified, the investors are reasonable, and increases the likelihood of a sale. We do this without compensation. We are only compensated if your home sells. We are fronting money for pictures, measurements, marketing, and all of our time working to get your home sold.

We want your home sold as much as you do. We track statistics such as days on market, list to sales price, number of expireds, etc. We want a positive outcome and happy clients. Happy clients tell their friends and family about us and we get more happy clients.

So why hire a REALTOR? Because we do more than sell homes. We help you meet your goals, we are dedicated to a positive outcome and, above all, we are professionals who do this every day. We know what it takes to sell homes and we can sell yours, too!

Wake County Schools Announces School Caps

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On March 4th, Wake County Public Schools announced that many schools are capped for the 2014-2015 school year.  What does that mean?  You are not guaranteed a seat on the school you are zoned for if it is capped.  There are of course certain criteria that you can use to make sure that your child gets into his/her base school.  Below is a list of schools that are capped:

    • Elementary Schools: Alston Ridge, Brooks, Cedar Fork, Combs, Green, Hodge Road, Holly Grove, Holly Ridge, Holly Springs, Hunter, Jones Dairy, Lacy, Leesville Road, Forest Pines, Mills Park, North Ridge, Walnut Creek

    • Middle School: Mills Park Middle

    • High Schools: Apex High, Holly Springs High

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