Month: January 2014

Why a reliable car is so important in the Real Estate business…

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So… A car is important to everyone, right?  It provides teenagers freedom from their  parents, allows people to go to work to earn a living, and makes grocery shopping easier.  So why is it important to me?  Well all of the above and more.

Last week I made the unfortunate decision to have someone other than myself replace my window wipers.  A couple of days after it they did it, my youngest son realized there is was crack in my windshield.  I called them up and let them know what happened and they agreed to replaced.  Unfortunately, it can’t happen soon enough.  Enough said.

My blog post isn’t about the carelessness of a mechanic.  Freaky things happen.  I get it.  This post is how a cracked windshield has shattered my perceived reliance on automotive travel.  I feel helpless right now, wondering how much this $500 windshield is really going to cost me.  Because of the bitter cold in Raleigh the last couple of days, enabling the small crack to span the entire windshield, I have been working from home.  Working from home is fine if I want to check emails or do some research.  It doesn’t work well when I’m lead generating.  Phone calls from the house just don’t feel the same.  I don’t feel the same.  I feel like I’m playing hooky or avoiding the real world.  It is now January 8th,  the first working week of the new year and I am missing out on what could be $1000s of dollars in revenue.  What am I to do about it?  Well, it seems like I’m writing my next blog entry.

My car is more than a way to get be from point A to point B.  My car is part of my oneness with the world.  It is part of my personality.  Its an enabler to my happiness (doing what I love and being with my family) and right now I’m just not happy.  I miss driving the 50 plus miles a day with it and making phone calls on my blue tooth.  Thankfully, my windshield will be replaced tomorrow and I can be happy again.  I can go back to lead generating in the morning and seeing my clients and prospects in the afternoon.  Back to dropping of my youngest and his friends off at school and swimming.  Back to my life, and simply what makes me happy.